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    Hemed's in and and out run for his goal, PGs cross ......Oh my days
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      Quote Originally Posted by Ninja Elephant View Post
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      Ryan 8 He gets an 8 for the importance of the save and he'll be delighted to have had such an easy day. Looked more comfortable today.
      Bruno 7 Classic Bruno without doing anything overly special.
      Duffy 7 Headers were incredible, his ridiculous back pass was less so!
      Dunk 8 Spreading passes and broke through the lines which helped us get the upper hand in the game. CLASS.
      Suttner 6 Looks to still be playing within himself, not really gelling with March at all.
      Knockaert 7 Marked down for lack of end product and didn't track Gibbs, leading to the goal. Always a threat though.
      Stephens 5 Looks out of his depth at the moment, he needs Propper to get out of his way a little bit. Propper higher up would give him more passing options too.
      Propper 7 Much better, looked like a real player. The signs are good for him, no doubting his pedigree.
      March 8 Oddly overrated on here, put in the defensive shift without doubt and one or two good deliveries as well to be fair.
      Gross 8 Nowhere for 40 minutes and then exploded into life. Dave needed a game at right back to settle, Gross needed a goal.
      Hemed 7 Marked up for the goal but obviously short of quality. Tried hard which is the minimum, not his fault he's a yard short.

      Rosenior 6 He's a good player to have to come in when required, glad he got some minutes on the pitch.
      Murray 6 Poor all round, we need him to be starting games to get his fitness back up again.
      Showed quite a bit of quality today, especially when he 1) skilfully got around the WBA defender and played the ball to Gross, providing an assist; and 2) perfectly executed his header after making space for himself.

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      Ryan 8 save + 1
      Bruno 7 missed him when he went off
      Duffy 8 against a big team
      Dunk 8
      Suttner 6 beaten too easily too often
      Knockaert 7
      Stephens 7 back to his standard two season ago
      Propper 7
      March 8 seemed to do OK
      Gross 9
      Hemed 8 equal best game for the Albion

      Rosenior 6 beaten too easily by Philips once
      Murray -1 atrocious, lost out, booked and misplaced passes

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      Quote Originally Posted by Not Andy Naylor View Post
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      I think some people are being hard on Hemed - it was his control of the ball and pass that set up Gross's second goal.
      Hemed's header was top quality, really good.
      Propper's pass out to March in the first half was a thing of beauty, Dunk-esque. And it's what we do well, stretch the play from left to right. It's been said but too deep is no good for him. But needs must at the moment - Kayal/Sidwell will give him some freedom to do what he obviously does best.
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      muzz looked a bit moody when he came on and could have been marched for leading with the elbow ....oh and back chatting as well.....hope he's got that out of his system, all in all a very encouraging performance ....
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      Ryan 7- didn't have much to do, but what he did, he did well. Looked a lot more confident in his box and his handling was good. Pulled off a good save in first half. Ben Roberts coaching is clearly paying off

      Suttner - 7 wasn't really tested
      Dunk - 8 imperious in the air and even better in the floor. Made some important interceptions in both halves and played a part in one of the goals

      Duffy- 8.5 won all but one header and helped to nullify Rondon. Outstanding and my MOM

      Bruno - 8 excellent again. Continues to belie his age.

      Stephens 7.5 - much better form now from Stephens and looking like his old self

      Propper 8.5 ran the mf in the first half and looked by far the best player on the pitch. Faded a little in the 2nd when WBA had more possession but I like what I'm seeing
      Knockaert 8 typical bombastic displayed from our magician on the left. Gave their defence the run around.

      March 9 given higher mark than AK as his attacking and defensive displays were outstanding. Should have been rested for Izquierdo in last 5-6 minutes as looked shattered

      Gross- 9 looking like the no 10 we need and will get bundles of confidence from two goals and an assist.

      Hemed 9 worked his socks off today and his movement for his first goal was top class. Pleased for the lad

      Rosenior- 7 did what we know he can do. Great leader on the pitch and his experience will be vital if we are to stay up.

      Murray 6 typical huff and puff. I think he may struggle this year...that said guarantee he will score a double against Bmuff Friday which he will be well up for!

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      We should add two more
      Crowd 7.5
      Manager 8
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      Ryan 8 Marked up 1 for that save near end.. My heart wouldnt have stood up to last 10m.
      Suttner 7 Good game. Quietest I have seen Phillips have. Burke was a handfull and had great help from March
      Duffy 7 Good game but in between had few dodgy moments
      Dunk 9 Outstanding
      Bruno 7 Good game. Premier first touch
      Stevens 6 Fair.Gave ball away too much and needs to make himself available more.
      Propper 7 Good game. Like to see him get in more forward positions but would think is under instructions
      Gross 9 What is there to say 2 goals and an assist
      Knockhaert 7 Best attacking player in 1st half defended well in 2nd. Pleased cut petulance out of game
      Hemed 7 Thought he contributed nothing when we were on top in 1st half. Made up for it with great assist and goal
      March 7 Apart from great defending cant go along with rave reviews. Received ball in great positions in 1st half. Several chances one to one with full back ( is a centre back) and never took him on or got cross passed first defender. Could say all forgiven for great cross for first goal but why didnt he do it more

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      Ryan 8 - a couple of good saves at important times. Looked assured with the ball at his feet and claimed the ball well on a few occasions.
      Bruno 7 - solid but unspectacular. Didn't get forward as much as usual.
      Dunk 9 - brilliant. Quickly proving himself to be an accomplished Premier League defender.
      Duffy 7 - decent but still looks like he has a mistake in him, and indeed he made a couple of mistakes today at crucial times that would have been punished on most days in the Premier League.
      Suttner 7 - well supported by March. Didn't get forward a lot, but defended quite well.
      Stephens 7 - dictated the game early but struggled a bit more once Pulis pushed their new Polish guy up on to him. His best performance this season though.
      Propper 8 - very good throughout the game. Barely lost the ball, but looks like he's being held back from his natural game at the moment as it appears he wants to get forward regularly.
      Gross 10 - two goals and an assist. A bit peripheral first half, but when he was in good positions, he made the absolute most of them.
      Knockaert 7 - a good outlet but he failed to make the most of situations. Promising though.
      March 9 - brilliant defensively, a crucial assist for the first, and an outlet throughout, driving us up the pitch.
      Hemed 9 - I've been a big critic of his, but he was brilliant yesterday. His movement for his goal was excellent, his link up play for the second was very good and he worked their defence all game.

      Subs: -
      Rosenior 6 - solid but didn't do anything particularly special.
      Murray 6 - a nothing cameo. Didn't hold the ball particularly well.

      CH - a much improved mentality. Long may it continue. Not keen on the sitting back for the last 20 minutes though.
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      Ryan 8 - Very solid and two very good saves. Good off his line and excellent distribution too
      Bruno 7 - Gave the ball away a few times in the first half and tried to be too clever on occasions. Overall solid defensively though
      Dunk 9 - Man of the match for me despite Gross' performance. So good defensively and excellent distribution from the back
      Duffy 8 - Dominant in the air and very solid generally. Him and Dunk are an excellent partnership
      Suttner 7 - Not a lot to do but what he did was effective
      Stephens 7 - Not a great first half but improved in the second half. Hope he continues to improve
      Propper 8 - Best performance yet. Good on the ball and dominant in the midfield. Hope he carries on like this as he'll be great value for money
      Gross 9 - Quiet for the first 40 minutes, then amazing for the rest of the match. Two goals and one assist can't be argued with. Fantastic pass to start off the move for his first goal too
      Knockaert 8 - Not at his best but still caused West Brom problems
      March 9 - Great cross for the first goal and good going forward but also covered so much ground defensively. That area of his game has improved so much since returning from injury
      Hemed 8 - Worked very hard and deserved his goal. Good link up with Gross for the second goal too


      Rosenior 7 - Solid when he came on
      Murray 6 - Struggled to get up with the pace of the game. May not have been fully fit


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