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    Player ratings: West Brom (h)

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    Ryan 8
    best game for us. Stood up well for crucial save at end. Loved it when he jumped into east stand . Is he back in dressing room yet? Character

    Bruno 8
    Bit shaky at start but some vintage Bruno at times

    Suttner 7
    Best game so far.

    Dunk / Duffy 9
    Imperious. If we stay up it'll be in large part down to these fellas

    Stephens 6
    Still doesn't seem to be quite on it. Certainly struggling to be influential.

    Propper 8.
    He needs to be further forward as he's wasted in the
    Deeper role. You could see what he was about today

    Knockaert 8
    Easily our best offensive player in first half

    March 7
    Some great tracking back in second half

    Gross 8
    To be honest, terrible up until the goal. But two goals and perfect cross won us the game

    Hemed 8
    Top quality goal. Gave his all as ever

    Outstanding team performance
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