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    I would recommend this training (ASIST) if anyone can persuade an employer, raise sponsorship or can fund it themselves. Two day course is £215- £239:

    I've done it and would recommend it, having lost a close friend to paracetamol overdose, and working in adult social care.

    The course should be thought as emergency mental health first aid in the same way that we acknowledge St Johns' emergency physical first aid.

    It is important to recognise someone who is contemplating suicide may offer verbal "invitations". These are the opportunities for you to talk about it with them, often something off-key that your gut feeling will notice. Sadly, we are all "busy" and dismissive or not actively listening all the time (we're all human) but if you feel what they say seems off, it probably is. The hardest thing is to ask them the S word. But you'll probably find it'll be a relief for them - then to talk about it can hugely helpful.


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