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    "Morning after" drink driving / Kirsty Gallacher

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    Kirsty Gallacher has been banned from driving after admitting to drink-driving, having been found to be three times over the limit of 35mg of alcohol per 100ml of breath.

    However, it turns out this was approaching lunchtime the day after she had been drinking, when she concluded the night with a taxi home.

    This is something I've been very cautious about having been involved in an accident a fair few years ago. It wasn't my fault - the passenger of a car coming the other way to me pulled the handbrake, sending the car they were in into a spin straight in front of me whereupon I hit it.

    I'd had a few the night before, not many, but I did feel slightly concerned as I was breathalysed. If I had been over the limit, it would have changed how the incident affected me significantly. I wasn't, but I'm been even more careful ever since.

    I do wonder how much and/or how late you need to be drinking to register a reading that high late the following morning.

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