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    Quote Originally Posted by mejonaNO12 aka riskit View Post
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    West Brom may well have Krychowiak and Barry in midfield together.

    Both very good players but both WELL SLOW.

    I'd UNLEASH Solly on a one man PEST MISSION against the big POLE in the middle. Don't let him have a second on the ball. Just keep nipping away at the lumbering OAF.

    Meanwhile ex-Albion man Barry will be DAZZLED by what could have been, I mean, what did he REALLY achieve after SNUBBING us. His head won't be In the game and he will be SWAMPED by the engine PasGro.

    That'll leave Jose and AK47 to UNLEASH hell on the Bowls club that are the west brom defence, opening up space for D-PROP so sneaky sneaky is way into the danger zone and bulge that score bag.
    Has Ernest hacked your account.....
    I have to give it to you Mr Hughton, you are a far better Manager than I ever thought.


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