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    29 6.08%
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    91 19.08%
  • 45-54 (Chicken Run)

    128 26.83%
  • 54+ (Brighton till I die)

    166 34.80%
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    Afternoon all,

    I've been reading with a mix of interest, agreement and despair the various posts on here since the transfer window slammed shut.

    I have a hunch that there is a correlation between age and strength of views on how well (or not) the club has done.

    This is not intended to criticise any view. Those of us, like me, the wrong side of 40, will probably always use the War Years as our reference point for good and bad. Younger supporters may be more focused on the future.

    I'm an infrequent poster on here but like to write the occasional Albion blog and would be interested in the poll results to see if there is something in my hunch.


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