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    Good ways to learn a Language?

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    As a break from refreshing twitter and NSC for transfer news, I thought I would ask if anyone has tips on good ways to learn another language? My wives Mother is Spanish and my Wife and I have been trying on and off for several years to learn Spanish so as we can better communicate with her family when we visit them.

    I have tried many things over the years, audio courses, classroom based lessons, books, 1 to 1 tuition but I never seem to stick with it for long enough to make a break through. I can get by with the basics like ordering food, asking for directions and I even managed to negotiate with a bar owner to put the Brighton match on the other day, however although I can ask questions I really struggle with listening skills and tend to panic when someone speaks back to me.

    We spent the whole of August in Spain and intend to do the same next year so I would really like to make progress for when we return.

    If anyone on NSC has successfully learned a language whilst living in the UK I would be really interested to hear how you went about it?

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