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    Homophobic chanting-I anything acceptable?

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    In light of the discussion regarding our trip to Leicester and the rather unpleasant homophobic abuse received from their 'fans' (I was indeed at the game), I wondered what NSC thought about the different chants that are heard, and whether some, if any, are acceptable. Do you believe any mention of homosexuality at football should be banned? Just the more graphic and demeaning songs? Or are you someone who believes for the most part that it is banter and part of the exchange you'll hear when fans are having a go at each other.
    Here's a list from a report on the subject, all real incidents that took place. There is no particular order-Which do you think are fine within the context of a jokey environment, and which should never be heard?

    'Town full of f*gg*ts.'
    'We can see you holding hands'
    'You're too ugly to be gay!'
    Player rubs his hands up and down several times over his backside whilst standing in front of, but with his back to, Brighton fans.
    'You’re just a town full of b*****s'
    'We always sh*g girls'
    'Palace 5, Brighton 0, Brighton take it up the b*m'
    A father and son pair of Brighton fans were walking away from the ground and the father was asked 'Do you pass him round?'
    'Does your boyfriend know you're here?'
    'Go home you qayers'
    'Up your a*** m’lord, up your a***'
    'Soft Southern poofters'
    Up your a***, up your a***, if you’re not a f****** w***** you’re a gayer'
    Gestures from Blackburn player, alleged to be Colin Kazim-Richards
    'What’s it like to suck a c***'
    'We drink cider, you suck c***'
    'The referee’s a gay boy'
    'Gay and you know you are
    'Do you take it up the a***?'
    'You only sing when you’re b***ing'
    'Have you ever sh*gg*d a girl?'
    And shouts of ‘f*gg*ts’, ‘gay’ and ‘n*nce’ with limp-wristed gestures
    'Your women are ugly, that's why you're all gay'
    Tony Bloom's Blue and White army!
    "Selling Kayal now would be the equivalent of winning star baker every week during weeks 1-5 of Bake Off before turning up pissed on week 6, slapping Mary Berry on the arse, hurling racist insults at Paul Hollywood and offering Mel and Sue a threes up. It would be the end of our season."


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