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    IFollow have now placed a disclaimer on their live chat (badly worded) that subscription services are only available within the country the service was purchased.

    This appears to conflict with the message on the sign up page that states the service is available anywhere in the world.

    In attempting to find whether there was a specific rights issue surrounding the commentary I noted this paragraph in the terms and conditions.

    1.2.2. you are solely resident in the correct territory for your chosen subscription package. Please note content included in some subscription packages is only available in certain territories due to rights restrictions. Change to the territory in which you are located may affect availability of certain content, particularly live video content. Find out more about subscription packages and territory restrictions;
    So the advice on the live chat is wrong. Only some features may be potentially unavailable if travelling.

    In any case the above condition doesn't apply in this case. Audio commentary according to ifollow is available abroad but only if you purchase a subscription abroad.

    The last sentence (to find out more) is a link to this page:

    .. which is blank.

    We aren't unique:

    If audio commentary is unavailable when travelling shouldn't that be called out clearly somewhere ?

    Thanks !
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