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    Cyclist on illegal bike who killed a pedestrian on manslaughter charged 'blamed victim'

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    Bit of an extreme case of a cyclist in a first of its kind who knocked over and killed a pedestrian claimed
    "I feel bad due to the seriousness of her injuries but I can put my hand up and say this is not my fault."

    The jury heard Alliston had been riding a "fixie" - a fixed wheel track bicycle with no front brake used by track racing cyclists - which is not legal on the road without modification.
    A few days after the incident in Old Street, Shoreditch, Mr Alliston posted a comment online, claiming he had tried to warn Mrs Briggs but that she had "ignored me" and "stopped dead" in his path, the court heard.

    full story:

    Seems they are being held responsible for there actions along with car drivers.

    Will this case may set a precedent for the future in making cyclist more accountable?
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