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    Fair enough but Sky must be worried by a 30% drop in viewing figures last year. BT also reported miniscule numbers for CL which suggests it might not be just prem - it could be tv football in general not resonating anymore. If (when) it wobbles a lot of clubs will be screwed.
    I completely understand your view point - the commercialism and money side (most of which ends up with the already multi millionaire players and their agents) is escalating exponentially. The hype increases, for example, the Telegraph Football lead web page appears to be sponsored by ManUre - every other article all summer has bootlicked the self proclaimed World's greatest club, with several sychophantic 'correspondents' embedded on their US tour of just FRIENDLIES.

    The UK viewing figures for Sky and BT are down simply due to monthly cost - loads got fed up with the arrogance of loading no annual price rises.

    But, the circus will carry on and the money side will escalate further, due to overseas broadcasting income. Much of the World simply loves the PL product.


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