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    Been calling em Man Q for quite a while now. It's state sponsored vanity, for when Qatar runs out of oil, they will have other investments globally that meaning they own part of other states. In the old days countries just invaded with troops. Now it's cash. But a football club City are not. Hard to get your head round that because of their heritage, but those were different times. Once you do, it's easier to understand. Sooner the richest (because it would have to be money based) 16 clubs in the world clear off and form their bankers league the better. The rest of us can get back to watching SPORT again. Albeit there'd have to be a redistribution of wealth and rules put in place to stop super leagues 2,3,4 etc with everyone buying into the ethos it's sport first, business 2nd. That way the greedy bunch in the super leagues can just wallow in their bloated 'We've got a bigger bank balance than you super cash Premier championship ultra bestest global universe galaxy stars ever' League....THE BETTER!
    Why Qatar?

    Man City is owned by Sheikh Mansour who is the sheikh of Abu Dhabi
    Not Qatar?
    its everyone else not me

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