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Thread: New fan!

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    New fan!

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    Hi all.. New fan here, from right nearby in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. I have been watching the EPL since they started showing it in the States a few years ago, and went to a game at White Heart Lane during a business trip a couple of years ago. They have been my favorite team because of that, but I happen to work for American Express, so new favorite team! Still getting to know the team, and they probably won't get a ton of air time, but will be appointment viewing for me. Watched today's game on DVR, since I had things to do this morning. I also tried to order a home kit, but they only have adult small in stock right now. Keeping my eye on it though - will be fun to wear that around the office!

    My viewing experience is probably different than most - games start at 4 AM here some weeks. Today's game was on at 9:30 AM. But, I love waking up and watching it before switching over to... whatever you all call American football. Also, fun fact, Phoenix has a second tier team (for now, trying to get MLS bid) and Didier Drogba is player and part owner - I have seen him play a few times.

    Looking forward to keeping tabs on the season here with you!

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