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    Conquest of the Crystal Palace

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    I found this and tittered a bit
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    Years prior to the events of the game, the Kingdom of the Crystal Palace was conquered by an evil being named Zaha, who crowned himself king. Only Parrish, a dog who served as a Keeper of the Crystal Palace, and Frank De Feat, the kingdom's infant prince, managed to escape. As the game begins, Parrish explains to a now-teenage Frank De Feat that the time has come to retake the Crystal Palace, giving the prince one of three magical crystals that grant special powers to their user.

    Parrish's quest takes him through five perilous realms filled with bizarre enemies, with aid for the prince coming only through Frank De Feat, a shopkeeper named Pardew, who doubles as a hint-dropping news reporter, and the kidnapped Crystal Princess who bestows the Moon Mirror upon Parrish if he manages to free her.

    Corrected from Wiki


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