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    Posting on away fans forums.

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    Call me old fashioned, but why on earth do some fans feel the need to post lovey dovey messages on our opponents message boards before they get here.

    Was taking a distant look on the Bluemoon board for City to see what they are thinking about today game when I found this.

    Brighton fan in peace..

    Firstly it's a pleasure to be hosting you in our first game, for us to play the favourites for the league at home in front of the world is the icing on the the cake for a club that has bounced back from the brink.

    Genuine supporters understand we won't be able to compete against you guys and we are more focused on ensuring we do ourselves proud and keep the score line respectful! In all honesty the season starts for us the week after at Leicester where we have far more of a chance of securing some points!

    Just picking up on an earlier post, here at BHAFC we are slightly unique in that as a club we try to make the whole matchday experience as welcoming and accommodating as possible, I'm also pretty certain we are the only PL club that welcomes away fans into our home concourses after the game. With that in mind it would be great to see a few City fans after the game in the North Stand concourse and believe it or not you will be welcome!

    I take on board the comments about the standard of drinks available in concourses but again we are slightly different in that we have guest Ales and also local Ales from Sussex.

    In terms of pre match you are also welcome in our supporters bar which is located next to the club shop and although it tends to get busy, if you arrive in plenty of time you shouldn't have a problem enjoying a pre match beverage whilst engaging with our home support.

    Getting out of the Amex can prove difficult, it really is worth staying behind for a beer afterwards, give it 30/40 minutes and the train queues and car parks are well on their way to clearing.

    Once again, it's a privalidge to host you guys, I genuinely hope you enjoy The Amex, and if you were kind enough to allow us the odd point, a beer will be waiting for you in the North Stand concourse after the game.

    Please feel free to ask any questions to make your matchday experience as easy as possible.

    Pathetic. I dont want to share a pint with any away fans in OUR supporters bar. I also dont want to share a pint in the North stand after the game either. I could not give a flying f*ck how difficult it is for them to leave the ground after.

    If we want to make this ground the fortress that we would like then ALL aspects of the ground need to be a fortress.

    I dont want them to enjoy the Amex, I want them to lose and be miserable about it, just as I would at ANY away game.

    Make you match day experience as easy as possible WTF.

    Stop making us look like pussys, we need the place to be hostile for players and fans of anyone visiting the ground.

    There will be many grounds we visit this year, where we will not be welcome by the home fans.

    I'm sure we wont get any fans from the opposition on here saying welcome to our ground lovies we do this for you, that for you and BTW do what ever you want.

    Rant over.
    I am such a Naughty Boy.

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