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    Fantasy Football team names

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    With the Fantasy football premier league season starting in only a few hours, does anyone have any clever/funny team name suggestions?

    Recent names I've gone with in the past are "Fiorentina Turner", "Blink 1 Eto'o" and "N'Doye Will Always Love You".

    This year I'm quite liking "Aint no Holebas girl", but ideally I'd quite like to have a Brighton reference. With the likes of Propper, Gross, Bruno, Bong, Dunk, Duffy, Knockaert etc. in the team there must be some cracking punny names to be had! Off the top of my head...

    Gross Misconduct
    Bruno it makes sense
    Rosenior Citizens
    Don't phunk with Knockaert

    Can the good people of NSC conjure up any other suggestions?


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