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    We've always been underdogs and we love it - wouldn't have it any other way!!

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      Remember everyone tipped us to go down following Hughtons first season? Sometimes I wonder what makes these people experts and panellists? Are they a relative of the papers owner? A family friend of the Finance Manager etc? Because knowing something about the teams that make up the league sure as heck isn't a prerequisite it seems.
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      Nobody likes to admit it, least of all Sky, but there are some bang average teams in the PL. We have a good chance.
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      I think I may have posted this before and apologise if I have.
      After the first ever promotion to Division 2 in the 1958-9 season and losing the first three matches 9-0, 5-0 & 3-0, a Daily Express reporter said he would walk naked from Fleet Street to the Goldstone if the Albion finished in the top half. As the team improved he became a very worried man but unfortunately the final postion was 12th and he was saved.
      Have any of this season's "experts" made such a pledge or are they not so confident of their predictions.
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      Twelve people have given their opinions. Before the end of the transfer window. In what sense are they experts ?

      I find it strange that views like this are published as if they hold more weight than any average Joe who watches football.

      Means nothing. Nothing means anything- till next May. If ten of them said we'd be top six I'd be no less convinced.
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      I don't really get why anyone is bothered about these things.

      If I was a neutral, I'd be tipping us for relegation too (along with Huddersfield, and one of Burnley, Swansea & Watford, possibly with an unexpected dive from Stoke, Palace or WBA just to add a bit of novelty value).

      To be honest, the only thing that puzzles me is that nobody seems to include Newcastle in the mix (me included, until I typed that!). They didn't exactly smash all comers last season, and seemingly haven't done a lot of notable transfer business, so are pundits and the rest of us being fooled by Rafa and their original Big Club status?
      'Pards' and 'Wrighty' had a discussion about this the other day on 'The Debate'. They came to an agreement that the geordie fans push them into doing wonderful things, and when Pards needed to entice new signings he would show them a picture of these fans. Wrighty also asserted that it is embarassing that a club of their stature have spent less than Brighton on transfer fees.
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      It's only because these so called 'experts', (and everyone else for that matter) don't know anything at all about us that they consider us to be a safe bet to go straight back down. Probably the same experts who predicted that Bournemouth would go straight down after one season. I'll be surprised if we go straight back down i'm expecting us to finish our first season around 12th - 14th
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      We often prove people wrong and the first season being under the radar would be more beneficial I think.
      Better not win the first 4 or so on the trot, or we will be headline news and we know what happens then.
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      This is akin to horse racing tipping. They get about 10% of their tips right but still get paid to be the "experts" that break down a race/match/season.
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      Michael Gray on Football on 5 last September: "Brighton over achieved last season, can't see them in the mix".

      Chris Iwelumo, same programme, similar time, tipped Huddersfield for relegation.

      Nuff said.


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