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    7. It still seems unreal, the work over the summer in strengthening the squad (albeit a striker short) has been quietly impressive. I suspect that if we survive, it will be on the back on major contributions from Knockaert, Propper and Dunk, and that next summer could be a struggle to hold onto them as they will then be bracketed in the 30-40 million range, with more wealthy suitors wanting their services.

    There have been some teething problems (ticket prices, ticket exchange, Seagulls TV) which have caused avoidable friction, but that will all be forgotten on Saturday.

    In many respects the fixture will be a perfect circle, as City were the last club who we played at home in the old first division in 1983, and who relegated us that day (only to be relegated themselves the following Saturday at home to Luton).
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      Gone from 6 to 9. It would have been 8 on expectations alone (yes, deluded, I know), but it haas gone to 9 because even if we go down, the club has been smart with its recruitment and I cannot fault them, the apparent togetherness and attitude of our players, and everything.

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      Went for 9. In an ideal world yes, we would have already had our striker. But after watching us against Atletico and the fact that the new season is here and we're in the Premier League, I cannot bloody wait till Saturday rolls around, there hasn't been much work done recently...

      Edit: I am now a humongous great 10 after hearing about that Colombian geezer
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      Gone from 6 to 7

      Need to get Izquierdo over the line, and a striker in yet.
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      10- after the AM match,I think we'll be comfortably mid-table!
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      2/3 strikers needed, then 7.5. need to see how we get on in the first 10 games.
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      This week has made me so excited that I now have a permanent erection.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Billy the Fish View Post
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      This week has made me so excited that I now have a permanent erection.
      This is called priapism. I recall a bloke being medically discharged from the Army with this condition, so it's not quite as good as we might think! Still, enjoy it while it lasts!
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      1 work permit short of a 9.
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