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Thread: My Failed Blog

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    Yesterday I posted a thread on this forum about potential new strikers Brighton could sign titled: "Brighton's Striker Problem". At the end of the post I put a sentence about a similar (but longer) post I had made on my blog. Overall this thread didn't go down well with many of the NSC faithful. I can understand this and I respect them but do think some of what was said was a touch out of line. As well as this I did receive some constructive criticism and some very kind support.
    Since posting the thread "Brighton's Striker Problem" I deleted the blog. To anyone concerned this wasn't anything todo with any responses I got on my post; instead something entirely unrelated. I am thinking of making a similar blog, but would do things the right way... asking bozza for permission to link it on this website e.t.c. I was wondering if anyone knew of any other ways to get my blog out there?
    Have you applied to for a job?
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