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    Bit harsh. I think you're slightly biased as you work in the industry, a lot of us DO find it really annoying. I once bought car insurance from the AA and they took that as carte blanche to pester me morning, afternoon and evening. I'm registered with TPS (who are brilliant at stopping reputable British companies), but as I was an AA customer their protection didn't apply. I told them all I didn't want to be contacted, but each branch was a different service and all said it 'took time' for my preferences to be recorded on the system.

    However you are right, getting nuisance calls really isn't the end of the world. I solved all my problems by switching insurers and by not answering any calls (either on my mobile or landline) where I don't recognise the number. Can't remember now the last time I answered a nuisance call.
    TPS takes 28 days to kick in. Otherwise unless you opted in to some thing its offshore or non compliance

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      Hi - I would just like to confirm Gritt23's original message about Scam Alert - Barclays 03301170109. The exact thing happened to me last week. I received the following message from the scammers; which appeared under my Barclays Text Message Threads on my iPhone.
      "Barclays has noticed your Debit card was recently used on 09-08-2017 16:32:43, at Amazon Online for 1976.00 GBP. If you are not aware of this transaction call Fraud Prevention on 03301170109 or Intl +443301170109. Do not reply by SMS".
      I had no reason to doubt that this was a scam as I thought it's appeared under my Barclays text messages sections, which I receive regularly. I was also at work and trying to finish a particular deliverable, so in my rush I called the number in the text message. Here is what happened, next.
      1) First an automated system, exactly as Barclays, welcoming me and asking me to enter either my 16 digit card number or sort code with account number; then the system asked me to enter digits # and # from my security code and then after a small waiting music tone; a lady with a British accent said, Welcome to Barclays, how may I help you today - I explained the situation, she said, not to worry, she has put a block on my debit card but requires me to generate a pin sentry code, so she could indeed verify that I am not a scammer or fraudster myself. Then she went on to say that someone from Barclays fraud team will give me a call within 72hrs and explain the results of their investigation. She also asked me random questions if I have experienced problems with my amazon account in the past. I also recall that it was very very quiet in the background (not usual for a busy bank customer service call center that has lots of background noise). Luckily, I became suspicious, hung up and googled the number I received in text message, i.e. (03301170109 or Intl +443301170109) and google pointed me to Gritt23's post. The lady then attempted to call me back from a random number whilst I was trying to ring the Barclays Fraud team number (genuinely obtained from the barclays website) and of course they told me that it was a scammer/fraudster; there were no pending/attempted transactions from Amazon. NOTE: The fraudster/scammer lady I spoke too was extremely well trained - in fact she spoke more politely and professionally than the actual Barclays fraud team that I called.
      Moral of the story (my message) is the same as Gritt23 - Don't dial any numbers or click links in text messages or emails etc EVENIF they appear to have come genuinely from your Bank. Call your bank immediately using the number on back of your card or those listed in the banks authentic websites (obtain these by typing the website domain name in your browser's text window).
      I was almost down quite a lot of money - Due to work pressures, receiving a genuine looking message that appeared in the same place as other messages from Barclays bank in my iphone - I was nearly had and done! - Please be vigilant and continue sharing - thanks to Gritt23; I was saved! THANK YOU MATE!


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