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    Tickets remaining for West Brom

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    Our first 3pm home Saturday kick off in the Premier League.

    Cat C pricing which means adults from £30 and kids from £15

    There is also no longer a neccesity to have a purchase history to buy tickets for this game so a great opportunity to get some new faces or to build you own purchase history if to date you have been relying on tickets from season ticket holders or other means.

    I guess the relaxing of the previous purchase history rule for this game is due to the fact that West Brom will not be bringing a full 3000 allocation, thus eliminating the possiblity of away fans in the home areas.

    According to the West Brom website they have been allocated 2550 tickets with the selling order as S1B, S1C, S1D. There is no mention of S1E but they will need this too if they are to take all 2550 tickets.

    In the home stands currrently available are:-

    North: 22 - all disabled/wheelchair although in other fixtures these have been relased for general sale later.
    WSL: 165 - all in W1A bar a few disabled seats
    WSU: Sold Out
    The Shelf: 61 - this is the family area and no more than 2 adults per kid.
    South: 133 - most are in S1A although we could still be given the best part of S1F
    ESL: 305 - All bar 20 are in E1H. The rest are family areas and of these most are disabled seats
    ESU: 8

    This game is still a month away and will clearly sell out well before. However, if you want to go there is no excuse as anyone can buy a ticket now.

    Let's hope the 'real' season ticket exchange is working for this one, although I suspect there will be fewer absentees for this game than the opening fixure against City.
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