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    Seagulls TV refunds.

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    Ifollow don't offer "refunds" and are completely oblivious to any current problems anyway.

    At a push they will cancel your subscription - but what is the point of that ?

    How we long for the good old days of Seagulls Player who after routinely screwing up would extend your subscription by a month

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      We have asked iFollow to ensure that those who've experienced difficulties with the service to be either offered:

      1. An additional two-months' free subscription

      Or, 2. If still now satisfied, a refund.

      We are awaiting confirmation back from EFL Digital to confirm this.

      I personally share your frustration, given the work we have put into this project, and we are VERY disappointed that the integrity of what should have been a brand-new service has already taken a knock. We have held two sets of talks with Neulion, and hope they will now be able to deliver a stable service moving forward. In their defence, Tuesday's debacle was not their fault, as explained on other threads. We have had an apology from Girona, and they have asked the Spanish broadcaster to provide us with a full report into why we as the away club did not receive the match feed, as per the agreement.


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