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Thread: OT: Boston MA

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    I've travelled a lot in the US but never made it to Boston. Some friends of mine have described it as "having the best bits of New York and the best bits of London rolled up in to one city." Sounds good to me and would love to visit!

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      I love Boston been there many a time curtosey of work, it is far more relaxed and European in flavour than many US cities and a slower pace than New York. Also the city centre is pretty small so easy to walk around most of the city. Plenty to see and do relating to the US independence and civil war. Got in a Red Sox game which is entertaining although not something I could attend regualrly it is basically a 4 hour picnic with some sport in the background. A trip to MIT is also quite interesting and Lexington and Concorde are on the outshirts of Boston if Independence history floats your boat.

      If you want to get some shopping in then go to New Hampshire as its tax free.
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      My favourite city in the States after New York. Really chilled vibe, great bars and restaurants, and I like the way they've kept the historic Boston Common area and the high rise financial district at arms length from each other. Stand outs were Fenway Park, Freedom Trail, Whale watching (pretty much guaranteed a sighting as I think they use GPS trackers now) and Martha's Vineyard. They also run a brewery tour if you have time including Sam Adams and Harpoon. I was a bit surprised to find out Sam Adams now brew most of their beer outside of Boston and only use the old brewery for experimental and low capacity runs.
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      Hire a car and go to Cape Cod - should be stunning at that time of year.
      Kennebunkport... 85 miles north of Boston,.... you wont regret it.
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      I went there once and ended up having to leave after 12 hours. News of the incoming hurricanes came on the telly just as I arrived at the place where I was staying. If I hadn't left that night I would have had to stay for two weeks.

      Anyway, it looked great. It was Halloween and the locals clearly had an admirable culture of heavy drinking. The train station is spectacular. The architecture, particularly at 5 in the morning with the city asleep, was gobstopping. Could have carried on walking for ages.

      Paradise is really great too, apparently. And Cafe Pamplona. You can also get a Megabus between there and NY for about $3 if you pick the right one. I hope you have a bloody wonderful time.
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