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Thread: What a club!

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    What a club!

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    Long story short!

    My 13 year old nephew, Joseph, has been diagnosed with B cell Non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Although he has a very good chance of getting through it he is faced with a year of heavy chemotherapy. With three years of check ups. A little more information can be found here:

    That side of my wife's family are lifelong West Ham fans and season ticket holders. So I had attempted to contact West Ham in various ways,to see if they could do something to cheer him up as he goes through chemotherapy. I had tried calling, their website, emails to the CEO etc. But I had heard nothing back. So upon meeting Paul Barber at a Seagulls over Burwash evening I asked him. He put me in touch with Sarah Gower who is head of Supporter services and she contacted West Ham on mine and Joseph's behalf

    Yesterday my nephew received a letter signed by Billic, a pen, a fidget spinner and a team photo that was framed with the players' signatures.

    Firstly, well done to West Ham for sending him those items. He was chuffed to bits. But, what is so amazing to me is the effort that our club put in to help my nephew who isn't even a West Ham fan. That when I was starting to give up, they helped me cheer Joseph up with a package from West Ham.

    I know that sometimes we moan, but having had no response from another club our club is amazing on things like this. Yes they don't get it right all the time. Yes we may not agree with all of their decisions, but i truly believe that their heart is in the right place and #together does mean something.
    Two new Brighton fans, both now singing 'Good old Sussex by the Sea'. What more can i do?


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