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    O/T Some life advice please...

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    So I'm a freelance worker

    I took a job (advertised as an "opportunity") for three weeks in France. The pay is crap (400 euros for 3 weeks) but it's all meals & accommodation. I'm a technician in the arts. Obviously the pay is well below what I normally charge but I thought it would be a great experience and was billed as "a lot of fun".

    The company have been running since 2004 and someone I know worked with them previously and said they had a good time. The operation is run out of a big chateau where a marquee is erected and shows staged.

    Now the advice bit. The building me and the other 3 techs are in (an outbuilding separate to the main building) doesn't have hot water currently. They have promised a mechanic tomorrow to fix it. The rooms are shoddy, one pillow, dead insects in wardrobe, huge spider web under bed. But worst of all the room is swelteringly hot, and having the window open for an hour brought little relief, at the cost of numerous insect bites, so now it's closed again.

    Bearing in mind that I'm committed to this place for 3 weeks, due to being in the middle of nowhere and an hour drive from the airport, what should I do?!

    How do I politely point out that I can't live and work in such conditions?
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