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    Hand painted Boba Fett helmet

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    A while back I had the chance to meet Jeremy Bulloch, I'm a huge Star Wars fan (I know, I'm a grown man so I'm prepared for the abuse.) and I collect autographs, I have a number of signed photos and also a Darth Vader helmet signed by Dave Prowse and James Earl Jones so I wanted a Boba Fett helmet signed by Jeremy Bulloch. I didn't have much cash so had to settle for a cheap looking Rubies helmet. They look cack and have bizarre brush marks on them like a small child has tried to paint it. After I had it signed, I was a little disappointed with the way it looked so decided to paint it myself.
    Below are the before and after shots of the helmet. Now I'm no artist so it's not a stunning work of art, and it also isn't 100% accurate to the dents/scratches from the films, but I'm really happy that I didn't ruin the helmet and happy with how it turned out, especially as I've been painting with a broken hand.

    Are there any of you that do similar things? If so, stick a photo on here.

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