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    The Vine was a great community pub until John Chambers lost interest and put in managers before selling up back in the early 90s. Since then it has been on a long downward slide - despite the refurb - which is a real shame. G&D has always been good but even that seems to be losing some trade to the Parsonage across the road. Will be interesting to see what impact the second micropub has on the area. I'm not a fan of the Green Man as his beer choice is too limited (unlike Brooksteed) but if the new place is any good it will draw people away from the village pubs.

    Interesting comment from @Bozza about the John Selden. It is my nearest pub and I used to be a regular in there. Rod the landlord is a great raconteur (he also had the Old House at Home before the John Selden) and the posh side of the pub is quite nice with decent food at a reasonable price. However, he has always played it safe with the beer and as I moved more into different craft beers, I just couldn't face going in there for a bottle of Becks.

    Even the Wandering Goose has gone badly downhill over the last year. Much smaller beer selection and a tendency to have the music so loud you can't have a conversation. There have been a couple of decent additions to the towns drinking. I think the Corner House has promise and a good atmosphere. Also, The Egremont isn't bad. Reasonable selection of beer, good food and an interesting mix of ages. It seems to run from young to old as you go from the front to the back of the pub.
    The Eg is a cracking pub, and before I moved to tarring, it was my go to pub for a night out. The Goose, and their sister pub, The Libertine, are just awful imo. Crap, over hopped nonsense. The Selden Arms, The Swan and the Hare and Hounds are all also good, although I appreciate a bit "old man" for some people's tastes.
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