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    Unfortunately no bugger buys papers these days and everyone wants to read everything free on the internet (including me). Then complain because of the adverts.
    In the future good journalism will decline if there is no revenue stream to pay their wages. Independence becomes a problem and before you know it, you can't tell the truth from the fake news.
    We now have several generations leaving school with a lack of critical thinking and hence the mess we find ourselves in now! Well that's my opinion anyway.
    Of course no offence. I have got off lightly so far. The normal punishment on here for standing up for Andy Naylor is abuse. I await my punishment

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    It's a sad state of affairs in which we find ourselves now. Murdoch has almost complete control of our 'news' across most platforms and then we get Trump happily muddying the waters over what is news or fake news.

    Plus, of course, Neto failed his ****ing medical!
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