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    She's very nice in an attainable way. 7.0 from the expert seemed right to me. Footballers could probably do better but have all the hassle that would likely come with it, I'd be perfectly happy with that. She looks like a proper lady not some bar slag mercenary or porn star wannabe. Perhaps he's got priorities and isn't a diva party animal. Hopefully they both fit in well all round.

    I wonder if she's Brazillian too?
    Given the highly reasoned, level headed and non judgemental content of your post I thought at first glance that you had totally undone your initial good work by ending with a totally inappropriate and highly personal question until I reread the last question more carefully. I think my initial reading of that question was based on the general level of degeneracy I automatically expect on NSC. (For the record I think she probably does have one).


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