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  • Yes, I HATE them. It's in my BHA DNA and nothing will change that.

    183 58.28%
  • Yeah, I hate them. My mates do, and so do I although I'm not sure why

    8 2.55%
  • About as much as any other team we're playing on any given day

    66 21.02%
  • No, it's all nonsense. I thought we'd moved on from this outdated football idiocy.

    50 15.92%
  • No, I LOVE them. They're my second team who I like to watch if I can't watch the mighty Albion.

    7 2.23%
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    Do you hate Palace?

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    Since that fateful day 4 years ago, I've been happy that we haven't had to play Palace, and so feel no joy in the prospect of having to face them again twice this season, with all the angst, aggro and general nonsense that goes along with these fixtures. So do YOU hate Palace? Is this rivalry an old Albion tradition that we need to cling to, particularly at a time when our success means to many that day by day we are having to sacrifice a little bit of our soul as we aim to compete in that shiny, faceless, soulless money driven machine that is the Premier League? Or do you believe the rivalry should be consigned to the trash bin, along with bovver boots, skinheads, street fights, and other stupid outdated football idiocy?


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