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    Some advice on whisky (or whiskey)

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    I have an elderly neighbour who is a big Albion fan (and shareholder) and I tend to go to his house to watch away games (he appreciates the company and I appreciate the opportunity to curb my drinking and language). I would like to buy him something for the end of the season and I know he likes whisky (and whiskey, as will become apparent). Now despite having been married to a scot for over 25 years and having spent considerable time north of the border, it is something i have never really developed a taste for.

    However, I am not looking for recommendations for a really good bottle of scotch or Irish whiskey. What he and his friends do is buy very obscure whisky and whiskey, the more unusual the better, country of origin not an issue.

    So, it needs to be drinkable, but obscure - NSC do your worst


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