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    Story (with Argus link) being tweeted by Jay Rayner

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      Quote Originally Posted by Colossal Squid View Post
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      These sorts of pubs are few and far between in Brighton these days. I'll have to give the place a visit.

      Only other pubs in town that I know of which are in this mould would be the Branch, the Bat and Ball and the Freshfield Inn. There's a ropey looking one on Lewes Road I've never been in too, the Franklin perhaps? But I can't comment as I've never braved it.

      The Rosehill used to be a bit of a dive but that's long gone now. The Charles Napier is rough by Hanover standards but that's only because the Spreadeagle closed down so the local ne'erdowells had to relocate.

      The Golden Cannon is probably Kemptown's most "working class" boozer, with horses on the telly all the time, but it's generally friendly and tidy, and it serves good beer, so I wouldn't put it there with the likes of the Branch et al.

      I don't often venture north of Preston Park though, so perhaps there are some Hangleton drinking holes I'm unaware of that could fall into the same category?

      Any more for any more?
      The Stanmer Park used to have an interesting clientele but I gather it's gone a bit upmarket these days. The Jolly Brewer never lived up to its name and The Hollingbury wasn't the sort of place to order a chorizo and rocket focaccia ... but I haven't been in any of those for about 12 years (actually about 30 years since I was last in the Brewer).

      The Hiker's was one until it closed: I gather that when it reopens, it's going to have a completely different look. But that rebranding hasn't harmed the Bevy, which is a pretty decent pub.
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      Gone "viral" according to the Daily Mail ...
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