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    Average attendances

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    A few thoughts:

    * Currently at 27,889 - will be 28,000 if the club can squeeze in 30,433 for Bristol City.
    * Regardless, I presume that is going to eclipse our highest average gates ever, although I recall they were huge under Poyet too.
    * Impressive that we're fourth in a league containing Newcastle and Aston Villa and that Leeds and Sheff Wed are below us despite having much bigger grounds to bolster their average gates for big matches. Leeds got 36,000 for Newcastle's visit, for example.
    * Championship gates are incredible. Anyone who grew up watching football in the 80s would know that the Championship attendance table is basically what the old Division 1 used to look like. In fact, the all conquering Liverpool sides used to average 38,000 in those days - just 6,000 than mediocre Aston Villa manage now. Man Utd were always the best supported side in those days, but their gates were 8,000 fewer than Newcastle now get in the league below. Surely this is partly down to the competitive nature of the division. Eventually, it could get a bit dull in the top division by comparison.
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