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    Do you want to be naturally dominant?

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    Is anyone else a bit uneasy when Paul Barber talks about wanting to 'dominate' the South of England?

    In his Argus interview he says: "First we have to dominate Brighton, then we dominate Sussex, then we dominate the South of England."

    Now I know it's his job to sell seats and shirts and generally market the Albion to make as successful as we can be. But do we really want to be trying to convert people who live in Portsmouth or Southampton or Gillingham territory? Remember the bitterness that some Brighton fans still have towards Charlton for trying to 'recruit' in Sussex. Wouldn't it be hypocritical of us to do the same in other areas?

    Personally I think our aim should be limited to having every person in Sussex supporting Brighton. That still leaves well over 1.5 million people in our natural catchment area. Isn't that enough?
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