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    Wigan MATCH REPORT. Bit late, but yeah...

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    For unforeseen reason, I was *ahem* not quite able to sit and type out anything coherent yesterday.

    Back at my desk today, wishing I was just sat at home drinking tea, and watching videos of players crowd-surfing down train carriages. In no mood to focus on work matters, so got round to this. Read it, should you desire to relive Monday's events

    'Home to Wigan Athletic’ - doesn’t sound much of an event, written down. Recent ‘Home to Wigan Athletic’s can’t have been especially memorable – the last that springs to mind found us 2-0 down after four minutes at Withdean.

    Not so this one. Nobody will forget this one for a long, long time.

    Oh my. What a day.

    What. A. Day.
    Stand or Fall


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