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Thread: Absent Friends

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    There is an old dear,must have been about 80 at the time circa 1997,she sat in the front of the south stand and was there most games,i was in the south west at that period,anyway that last game (Doncaster) she at the final whistle,whilst others around her invaded the pitch,just quietly got her possessions,up out of her seat and headed for the exit gates-

    She can be seen on any video of that day-i often think about her and well threads like this always make me think of her.

    God bless you lady and fellow Albion fan.
    In Deo Fidemus we know our history,yet we embrace change-Hello from the real Brighton

    Posh? i'd say a non clock watcher,an early riser,creator of ones own fortune,a grafter,a clever dick,an inheritor,a late home type,one that makes sacrifice,gifted maybe.


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