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    9th NSC Greyhound - Your nominations for his name please

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    We need your help

    The Northstandchat Greyhound syndicate nee a name for our 9th dog

    So far your very own greyhound racing syndicate have had eight dogs running in the name of the ALBION


    Now we have a new dog. Just signed up with the NSC Greyhound syndicate.

    His current name is ROMEO DISTRICT and he is all black. Smallish for a dog, not much early pace, but will be staying on late, like our favourite dog, Albion Star who was so much fun to watch.

    So we are looking for your nominations for his new name

    The rules are that we can only use 16 characters
    and his name will begin with ALBION_
    which gives us 9 characters to play with

    We obvioulsy don't want to repeat a name we have already had
    The new name may have something to do with this old name like Albion Romeo?
    Or it may have something to do with our prayed for ascent to the Premier League?
    Or as a tribute to our current manager or star players?

    Whatever, we need your nominations so we can select our favourites to put forward for a NSC poll again,so like every time we have named a dog it is NSC that has named the dog that runs in our name.

    Nominations close on Tuesday
    Poll starts Wednesday and ends on Friday
    The winning name will be selected before Albion's next home game
    Hopefully he will be running on the racecard at Hove under his new name by the middle of April
    I have not forgiven Lewes Council, or DeVeggie, or Archer, or Bellotti, or Stanley, or Bailey, or Whiteside, or Challis, or Saints and Spurs for that 0-0 in 1978.
    I don't get over things and I don't move on easily. OK?


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