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    Quote Originally Posted by Hugo Rune View Post
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    I'm saddened that this year's event was overshadowed by mindless violence.

    The rivalry means a lot to many members of the various teams that competed from both Universities.

    Maybe one day, the matches could be played at the Amex (post season of course) where security and stewarding is of a very high standard.
    Fair enough.

    Just to explain where I come from, as re-reading my post it does come accross a bit strong.

    I was quite heavily involved in university sports when I was at uni (2003-07), particularly American Football and a spot of rugby. The drinking/lad behaviour culture was always massive on Weds sports social nights and after weekend matches. We had a couple of big cross-sports events: rugby 7's and an inter-sport competition, and they were absolute carnage drinking and behaviour-wise. We all had our various rivalries with other unis, mostly local but some a bit further away for different reasons in different sports. If there'd been an organised "varsity" weekend where the whole uni banded together against another one, it'd have been absolute chaos no doubt. They now do it, and god knows what its like.It's next week actually, given the international break maybe I should head up and see! Personally it feels very plastic to me, but I guess the students there now don't feel that way. I sort of feel like it must be similar for other university "rivalries", but maybe I'm doing everyone a disservice.
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