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    Quote Originally Posted by Withdean South Stand View Post
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    It's a thankless task he's been signed for. I think he'd be better off dropping into league 1 and being a first choice pick and getting a run of games. He won't fulfil any possible potential he may be hiding all the time he's coming on for 10/15 minutes at the tail end of a game. I don't think there's a player in there at all, but we can't fairly judge the man because he's never going to get to play for us.

    It's just a shame we felt the need to sign someone else's cast off than take a chance on someone we're investing in in the Development Squad. Is Tilley not going to get a chance? Or Connor Tighe? If we'd signed someone experienced to bridge the gap, you could understand it but we didn't. We signed some other clubs' kid which really doesn't offer us anything at all.
    Excellent post, why not give our own young strikers a chance rather than a loan player that isn't better than what we already have?


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