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    Quote Originally Posted by Whitley Bayster View Post
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    Sidwell goal has to win it's bar far the best. I still love the hapless City keeper falling backwards watching the ball sail over his head. One of many highlights so far this saeson
    Much prefer Darren Bent's goal. Reckon he will win it.
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      It mentions it on the EFL website but easy to miss... these votes only decide the shortlist. Still worth doing obviously. But the winner of the award is always decided on the night by the people attending, who vote during the dinner.

      **edit... actually, see that has been mentioned in a previous post. Although it's not 'experts' as such who decide... just whoever is on the guest list from the clubs.
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      Steve Sidwell's goal makes the final 5. It's now down to the experts.

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      NSC at its very best ~ a post based on assumption on a matter the poster hasn't got a clue about!!
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