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    Monday 24th April we are promoted

    3 Not allowed!
    Still two more games to cement winning the championship.
    Yah, but wait.

    The board is going crazy, CH out, he got the tactics wrong on Friday! We should on be promoted when we are playing at home and definitely not on a day, when we are not even playing.
    Get rid of PB, if it wasn’t for him bowing to Sky’s Friday night demands.
    I guess we will miss the no.1 spot when we play Bristol City (omg they just beat Huddersfield we are doomed) because of CH’s tactics and wanting us to do it away from the Amex.
    Why are we even going up, we are going to be crap next year.
    What happened to the bedwetting emoji we were promised, sack Booza or whatever you do with him.
    This is a shambles, a complete nightmare


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