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    Brighton factually.....

    ***Friday 17th March Weekend Championship fixtures***

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    So he we go good people of NSC another important weekend of Championship fixtures kicking off tonight with two "massive" games....

    Tonight only a sane Albion fan will be hoping for a Bristol City victory and a "massive" win...

    Bristol City v Huddersfield Town
    Sheffield Wednesday v Reading

    Then I guess we will be all rooting for Zola to pull a fluke out of the bag.

    Blackburn v Preston North End
    Nottingahm Forest v Derby County
    Birmingham City v Newcastle United
    Burton Albion v Brentford
    Cardiff City v Ipswich Town
    Fulham v Woverhampton Wanderers
    Norwich City v Barnsley
    QPR v Rotherham
    Wigan Athletic v Aston Villa

    Leaving the most important game of the weekend until last....

    How do you see the weekend going for us and the teams around us.

    We don't always get what we want and I am expecting a Huddersfield, Newcastle victory.

    But for some reason I believe we will come away with something from Leeds, just like my first visit to Elland Road when Graham Pearce scored an 89th minute winner to win 3-2 back in the 80s (not sure 85/86/87)

    Oh the nerves....
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