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    Quote Originally Posted by heathgate View Post
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    I have plenty of humour... stop setting yourself up as the arbiter of NSC standards

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    What? Get over yourself
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      Quote Originally Posted by Plooks View Post
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      The united kingdom we knew and grew up in died the moment we voted to leave the eu. I do not know what we are anymore.
      We knew and grew up in. What are you talking about? I grew up with the EEC when all it was, was a trading group not a mainly unelected dictatorship.

      Believe it or not there some of us over the age of 20.

      Being that we are a United Kingdom up to recently governed equally (debatable I know) from all the areas of the said Kingdom. It was Blair's government that has created this imbalance by giving more powers to some and not others. Why within a central government is someone from Wales or Scotland allowed extra powers against one living in England, Sussex or wherever. so those blaming the Tories need to look at Labour's f@@k ups as well.

      There's always been nationalists in Wales/Scotland wanting their own powers, and once given have taken liberties. In the context of a United Kingdom Sturgeon has few supporters but gets huge coverage she is a minority. Scotland needs the rest of us far more than we need them. SNP's forecast for their economy was a falsehood and like the last time they had independence they would have failed. Her only hope is the EU, but that is failing too. But how can this woman be believed when she fights to be independent but as the same time what to remain in the EU.
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      The UK has been together longer than the USA.
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      Let the people decide, but every time they do they decide to stay put, then this old chestnut gets dug up another couple of years later and so on and so on............................ .......
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      Quote Originally Posted by Two Professors View Post
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      Are you leaving now we are out?
      Why would I do that? My point is that leavers keep inviting remainers to leave if they don't like the position the country is in. Why didn't Brexit voters leave in the decades we belonged to the EU if it was that bad.

      I suspect the answer is probably because they had never even given our membership of the EU a second thought until the Leave Campaign propoganda machine fired up its pistons.
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      I see Gordon Brown, 'The Saviour of The Union' last time, is proposing a third way today -
      Each to his choice, and I rejoice the lot has fallen to me
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      The SNP don't actually do themselves any favours by modelling their presentations on some kind of pseudo ASLEF militant. Personally, I'm not that bothered although Hadrian's wall is gonna take a bit of fixing.
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      The last Referendum the Scots voted with their Wallets in Mind - What's changed?
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      Quote Originally Posted by Doonhamer7 View Post
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      Personally always been a unionist, don't like either of the krankies but after brexit and listening to May sound so patronising this week ( can't believe she made Thatcher sound more positive to Scotland and I've stood on terracing of Hampden with 60,000 singing vitriolic songs about her - so May has gone some!), the vote should be allowed. Major change has occurred - the UK national parties were swept aside in 2015 in favour of the SNP and now seem irrelevant. Allow the vote - the answer will be remain. The majority of Scots don't hate the English, despite some comments here - we do hate being patronised and told what to do, especially by Tory politicians. Our culture, our history, our laws, our religion, our education are different. Although I have to say I am never supporting your football team!!!!!6
      You being a Scot can you explain to me why the SNP a nationalist party wants to be ruled by the EU, it's a question that has been asked time and time again yet never gets answered.
      My opinion they come to hold this idea is they simply they hate the English and can not bare the thought of Westminster being sovereign, they will literally try anything to separate the two nations even if this means their own country has to suffer.
      The SNP go completely against the grain of what a nationalist party is meant to stand for, the letter N does not fit. i struggle at times to get my head around.the idiots. true nationalists i don't mind but this f*cking lot.


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