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    Quote Originally Posted by Stat Brother View Post
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    I know it's poor form to answer a question with a question, but I think this is relevant:-

    Have we taken all their oil yet?
    Have we got a viable alternative plan for Faslane that we could afford and implement? If we could answer 'yes' to your question and mine, then I'd be much more ambivalent to voting to leave The EU and breaking up as a country.
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      If I had my way there should be just one parliament in the UK, in London.

      We vote for our MP's, just let them govern

      All referendums should be outlawed, look at the complete mess we are in now

      The break up the UK would be our final humiliation
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      I think they should go, but not cause I'm bitter with them, I'm jealous of them. If they have the opportunity to kiss good bye to this tory cesspit good luck to them.
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      Dig a trench, set them adrift and let them float up to Iceland!
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      Up to them but if I lived in Scotland I would be voting to quit being ruled over by the Tories ASAP.
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      My instinct is for government and taxation to be done as close to the people as possible, and I feel no more affinity with Scotland than I do with Ireland. So, on balance, if they chose to go it alone, good luck to them.

      I rather suspect we will manage quite happily without them.
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      If you want to accept that we have failed, failed to govern our country fairly and equitably, failed to democratically ensure empowerment to all, failed to keep our country together and united, then yes, I guess you wouldn't be unhappy if they left.
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      I want Scotland to remain in the UK. I would like the UK to stick together, but sadly I can see the union being driven apart by this quite staggeringly useless government.

      I think independence would be a huge mistake for Scotland, but I can fully understand their frustration and anger with Westminster at this time.

      I still think the Scots would vote to remain in the UK, but if they did leave I would not blame them.
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      Assuming Barbados is a bit of a reach, can we swap Scotchland for France?
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      Quote Originally Posted by BadFish View Post
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      Its already there, although not very tall IIRC
      neither are they
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