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    Not sure why you are trying to argue a case for games being moved as a good thing. It's absolutely horrendous for people like me who desire to follow the club around the country as much as possible, balancing family, work and other commitments in the process. Not to mention the increasing hit on my bank balance.

    You've done your 'time' as you have alluded, and no longer desire to follow us away for personal reasons. Fair enough. However, dissuading the younger generation from making that commitment by showing us on TV whilst compounding the difficulty of being able to get to the match even if they wanted to, is so far away from something positive than I can begin to describe.
    I would love every Saturday TV game to be shown at 3pm a win win for virtually everybody! But it's not going to happen for the foreseeable future.

    Accepting that the cat is out of the bag and TV movements are here to stay how would you like to be compensated for the inconvenience caused if the club asked that question? Free coach travel maybe? Rail vouchers?

    Or how about just accepting that tv companies and clubs see away fans as 'collateral damage' who will turn up regardless of when the match is going to be played? A couple of 'thanks for your support' tweets from the players post match to sweeten the deal. It's not a nice thought but that is what clubs have signed into to get the cash to pay inflated wages.
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