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    Anybody Else Getting Just A Wee Bit Bored Of Pop Tart Ed Sheeran?

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    OK, fair enough, he's paid his busking dues, and he's patently a nice humble bloke, albeit ginger, and now he's got a record to sell, but the publicity is RELENTLESS. This is a bloke who turns up at The Brits in a suit then gets change into jeans and tee-shirt to go onstage.

    A bit like Ellie Goulding. Complete space cadet at The Brits a couple of years back. Now Pantene 'ambassador'.

    Don't blame either of those kids, expertly steered by their business managers, for cashing in.

    But it's all a bit horrible, no?

    And... RELAX
    Buy The Ticket,Take The Ride - Hunter S. Thompson

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