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Thread: March Madness

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    Quote Originally Posted by studio150 View Post
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    I said Duke at the start of the season so will stay with them,
    Well that went well out in round 2 with a turnover riddled loss 81-88 to South Carolina which means in this bracket the top 2 seeds are out.

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      I love NCCA basketball, in fact its probably better watch then the NBA. I know you are only suppose to support one team but I like Norte Dame, Texas Longhorns and Alabama Crimsontide.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Badger View Post
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      I assume this is the weird North American fascination with COLLEGE sport. I was having brunch with a friend yesterday, and she was trying to convince me how exciting it is. I was really struggling to pretend I was interested.
      Couldn't believe their fascination with college sport when I lived there. 80,000 at a college American football match. Nuts!
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      Just checked my NCAA bracket and I am in the top 50% and ranked 940,000th. Given that my East bracket has collapsed I'm peased with that. An Arizona/Oregon final will see me rise up the rankings I'm sure. Go Ducks!
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      Bottom half of the East has done mine too. Darn Dukies.

      I still have 12 of the Sweet Sixteen though, so I'm happy with that
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      Quote Originally Posted by jakarta View Post
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      Blimey, I like American Football and can stand to watch Baseball but Basketball is a step too far, would rather watch Netball even if I know most of the participants are rug munchers...
      I would rather watch netball because most of them are rug munchers
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      Bit of a bugger Duke getting knocked out by South Carolina
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      Well I did say Oregon would be a sneaky final four contender and they made it. Charged up the leader board to the lofty heights 178,000th. Go Ducks!

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