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    So far down Shoreham Beach, I am virtually back in Brighton!

    Blackburn (in three weeks) nearly sold out!

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    Quite incredible. The club have already released blocks S1A and S1D to home fans, the front row disabled seats and the 1901 seats in the East stand, yet there are already precious few seats for this game, even though there is 21 days until kick off!

    Blackburn have been given an allocation of just over 900 which would see them accomdated in S1B and S1C, however, I would be very surprised if they bring that many, so maybe we might end up with the rest of S1A and some of S1B nearer the game. In previous sell out games the club have also released seats on the shelf when available, so there is a chance there could be a few more here, along with any other pockets that seem to often pop up as we approach the game.

    This game for a parent/child for £15 offer and possibly the last Saturday 3pm game of the campaign, so home support was sure to be high. This is a good oppotunity for us to break the previous record home attendance set a few weeks ago against Burton.

    Currently available:-

    North = 12
    WSL = 20
    WSU = 14
    South = 39
    ESL = 19
    ESU = 26
    And just 4 in the 1901 area of ESL
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