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    Quote Originally Posted by crodonilson View Post
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    I listened to the game from half an hour in on Seagulls player...

    Stockdale - 7 Sounded like he had an excellent game barring one mistake
    Rosenior - 6 Steady and Composed
    Uwe - 8 A rock, sounded like nothing was getting past him
    Dunk 7 As we expect from Dunk, solid and steady
    Bruno 7 Good attacking outlet and solid defensively
    Skalak - 6 Not at his best but always a threat
    Knockaert - 7 Hugely important goal, could be season defining
    Stephens - 7 Broke up play well and good distribution, back near his best
    Kayal - 7 One great mazy run and kept things ticking over before tiring
    Hemed - 7 Battled well but never sounded like he got close to scoring
    Baldock - 8 Best attascking outlet, had plenty of the ball and ran Rotherham defence ragged

    March - 8 Great cameo,
    Towell - 7 Could have got a goal but came on and did a good job
    Murray - 6 Not at his best at the moment but held ball up well
    I'd give Towell a 6 because of the miss. But I agree with those scores from my vantage point in the stand.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Cowfold Seagull View Post
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      Ermmm perhaps I'm being a tad pedantic here, but how on earth can you give players ratings when you haven't actually seen the game live, merely listened to it on seagulls player?
      How can you have been here eight years and not know about Crodonilson?
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      Stockdale. 7
      Two good saves in the first half, excellent distribution with one noteable exception which could have cost us

      Bruno. 7.5
      Good going forward, as well as defensively. I hope if we go up we give him one more year.

      Liam 6.5
      I'm old fashioned in that I like my left backs to be left footed, but needs must. Didn't do anything wrong, but didn't add mush going forward.

      Dunk 8
      The bloke has to be the best CB outside the premier league. He'll be gone if we don't go up, and for huge money. Really didn't give the Rotherham strikers a kick, another excellent game.

      BFG 8
      Good game for him to come back in for. Couple of excellent blocks.

      AK 7
      Apart from the goal, I thought he was poor, he's still trying too hard IMO, and his first touch was, by his standards, shocking. Yes, I'd play him Friday night, he's better at home.

      Skalak 7.5
      Nice and direct and aggressive. Decent set pieces with one exception. Everything Murphy wasn't at Forest. I'd start him Friday night, March to come on if needed.

      Kayal 7.5
      Good to have him back, Sidwells done nothing wrong, but Kayal and Stephens were at the centre of our successful team last season, and it was great to have them back together.

      Stephens 7
      Steady, does what he always does, wins the ball and gets us going. Still think we as a side don't move the ball quickly enough.

      Held the ball up well, doesn't win as much in the air as Glenn.

      Baldock 8.5
      My MOM. Ran his socks off, and ran the channels brilliantly. Should have scored in the first half, and crossed rather than shot in the second when Jiri was unmarked in the middle.


      March 8.5
      So, so talented. Another one who will go for big money one day.

      Glenn 7
      Won free kicks when required and did what he does. I'd play him Friday at home. His Amex record is fantastic.

      Towell. 7
      Lots of running around but really should have scored when clean a through.

      CH 10
      .Got the team and subs spot on, unlike Saturday

      Fans. 10
      Thought we were loud throughout

      Deserves a special mention. £9.80 for two pints of Guiness and two pints of Kronenburg. Felt like a cross between 'life on Mars', This is England and Shameless. Karaoke being performed at 5.45 in the afternoon, including a performance of Robbie Williams by a 6'6" skinhead with tattoos all over his head, and a lady who paused mid song to down a pint in one go.
      Thanks Robbie - one day we'll name a stand after you.
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      And I know they didn't have much to shout about but the Rotherham fans were extremely quiet.
      Thanks Robbie - one day we'll name a stand after you.
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      Stockdale 7.5
      Bruno 8.5
      Rosenior 7
      Our Hunemeier Our Hunemeier... 8
      Dunk 8
      Knockaert 8
      Stephens 7
      Kayal 8
      Skalak 7
      Hemed 7
      Baldock 8
      March 8.5
      Murray 7
      Towell 7 ish

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      Stockdale 7: LOOSES one for the pass to the Rother's striker in the first half. Other than that two excellent saves.
      Bruno 8: Swashbuckling
      Rosenior 7: Some neat link work with wingers at times. Calmness personified.
      Dunk 7: Brought ball out of defence well, won a lot in the air
      BFG 7: Looked as if he'd been there all season
      Stephens 8: Ran the midfield, here, there and indeed everywhere.
      Kayal 7: Got into a few scraps but benefitting from match day practice.
      Skalak 6: Wanted the ball all the time, but ultimately delivered little
      Hemed 6: Struggled to make an impact
      Baldock 8: A pest, closed them down all match.
      Knockaert 7: Still not at his best, but did score the goal that settled us down

      March 8: Wriggled like an eel, their full backs were soiling themselves after five minutes of him being on the pitch
      Towell 6: Should have scored when put through
      Murray 6: Can fall over at will
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