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    Rosenior in to replace POG tomorrow

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    According to radio Sussex Liam is back in the match day squad and set to replace POG tomorrow.
    Brilliant news
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      If true, excellent. Our best left back.
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      Double bonus, it's not just his ability that he brings, his mentality and passion can only be a positive in the dressing room.
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      Great news. Let's hope he's up to playing 90 minutes, OR we're safe before then.
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      If that's right, despite him almost certainly rusty fitness wise after so long out he's an excellent player and if he can give us a good hour or so that could make a difference - would love it if he pushes on now and fights pognoli for the spot every week, if we get promoted he deserves to be in the squad on the day it happens - great pro and great guy - it's gonna pour down tomorrow though so that's gonna sap the legs a bit quicker
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      Hopefully he'll start, he's one of our best players.
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      Good news that he is back and available. But, if Pog is also available then I would start with him and maybe give Rosenior, 15 minutes or so at the end of the game as per normal sub rotation to ease him back to first team selection. But if CH believes he is ready to start then who am I to disagree?
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      Good news that he's back but i'll be stunned if he starts. It'll be Tomori to start with LR getting 20 mins max at the end. (Feel free to bounce at 2.00 tomori)
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      That is SUPERB news if true, and all the better for being totally unexpected.
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      LR has played a fair few games for the U23s so has been building up match fitness. Not a huge surprise he'll be able to start - the question is how long will he be able to last.
      Well the thirty minutes are almost up Swindon fans but your not there yet. in it goes (yyyyyyeeeessssssss) ooohhh its gone in, Brighton in added on time have snatched a goal through Virgo!!! Incredible!! Once again there is late, late, late drama in the playoffs!!

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